• It’s All About U! Unique Senior Pictures from Portrait Place Studio, Onarga Illinois

    There's no one else on the face of the earth exactly like you. You're unique. Shouldn't your senior pictures be unique as well?

    Of course you want to look GOOD. That's a given. But shouldn't your senior portraits also say something about who you are? About what drives your life? About your passions, your interests, your dreams?

    We watch for the things you do naturally; your natural expressions, your natural body language. We want your personality to come shining through.

    And most of all, we want your friends and family to say "WOW THAT'S SO YOU" when they see your senior pictures. So click on the Contact Us button above or call to schedule YOUR senior portrait session, and let us design the perfect senior experience for you!

Updated for Class of ’16

The site has been just about all updated for the Class of ’16.  There is more information under all of the headers. Especially take note of the B4 Yur Shoot header. After you make your appointment for your Senior pictures, read the page on “B4 your session” for reminders of what you’ll need to bring. Then make sure to fill out and submit the info form under “I’m ready for my session”

All kinds of new things for this year. New backgrounds, lighting styles, composite styles, the Artisan images for those who want to portray their passion. And just added, Studio B – the uptown window light / urban area location at 119 W. Seminary.

Portrait Place has been in business since 1982. That’s like 33 years of experience. You will be posed in a way that flatters you – that means making your look your best!  Our studio is the most tricked out in the area with everything from oodles of props to even more oodles of backgrounds and sets. Not just a couple of rolls of seamless paper to pull down. We can match your looks no matter what your bring in.

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